Hello. You've stepped into Peanut Satisfaction. Name given by the awesomemest Eunice Reinna Chia. Peanut Satisfaction, an icon & banner site. Click here for the rules & history

Makers: Charmaine, Jess, Rin & Edlyn
The navs are stars, kiss, miss at the top bar above.
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Friday, May 28, 2010 @ 7:31 PM
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Maker App- OPEN! CLOSED!

Want to be a maker/cantributor for Peanut Satisfaction?
Then, it's your lucky day! The make apps are open.
Only 3 will be chosen!

5 icons OR 5 banners. Themed STOCKS.

Icons/Banners can be editted in any manner.
Due: 11 June 2010, 12.00 pm
Judging period: 11 June 2010, 12.01 pm-1.00 pm

To take part:
Email your icons/banners to
Also include:
Name: (Your real one please)
Software: (Whatever softwares you use)
Theme: (Themes you're best at doing)
Blog: (Your blog URL)
Blogskins user:
Resources: (Resources must be put for judging!)

Also, leave a tag in the tagboard notifying me that you'll be taking part.
PEANUTS -over & out-
(For more enquiries, feel free to email me:

Peanuts taking part:
1: Nicole TJH (Horrendous Crime) - Sent!
2: Vanycia Sarah (All About Me Vanycia)- Sent!
3: Edlyn Teo HL (Stars) - Sent!
4: Jesslyn Tan (Ninjury) - Sent!
6: Janette (My Nerdy Pefection)- Sent!
7: Xin Pin (That Smile of Yours)-Sent!
8: Rin (Shinmatta)- Sent!
9: Shet (Runway 13)-Sent!
11: Shin Ru (her secret wonderland)- Sent!
12: Wanqing (-)- Sent!

Thursday, May 27, 2010 @ 10:46 PM
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Batch 1;

Hello! First batch here. Decided to do a Spongebob theme :) Anyways, support Peanut Satisfaction!

Hope you liked it.
CHARM. -over & out-

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@ 7:43 PM
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Peanut Satisfaction

Hello. Peanut Satisfaction's (PS) history.

Created by Charmaine on Thursday, 27.05.2010; 7:45 pm.
Name given by the awesomemest Eunice Reinna Chia!

→ HOTLINKING a definite NO! Host the images yourself
→ Do not claim that any icons belong to you
→ Do let us know before using our icons as bases & WAIT for approval
→ Credit Peanut Satisfaction for anything & everything taken.
→ Maker applications are currently CLOSED
→ Requests are OPEN

Feel free to e-mail peanuts @


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